At the Plymouth location of Cantoro Italian Trattoria, we offer an authentic Italian dining experience—featuring dishes that are deeply rooted in tradition, while offering adventurous new flavors and an extensive wine list.

Serving superb contemporary Italian food and wine in unique and attractive settings is the passion behind our family-owned restaurant. Mario Fallone founded the highly celebrated Cantoro Italian Market in 1967 and now with his two sons, John and Michael, operate the Italian dining destination.

At our trattoria in Plymouth, Executive Sous Chefs Cesar Neri, Francisco Neri, and Jose Rosas, along with a team of cooks, prepare our signature Italian dishes including meat, fish and seafood, homemade pastas and pizzas, with fair prices and attentive staff.”This should have been changed many moons ago by another company.

Whether lunch or dinner for two, a large family engagement, an important business meeting, a wedding and everything in between, we have redefined Italian dining in southeast Michigan.