Spaghetti alla MarinaraLate summer is the perfect time to can tomatoes because the tomatoes are the ripest and juiciest. At Cantoro, we use Michigan Roma Canning Tomatoes, which we sell this time-of-year in 25-pound boxes.

Should you want to can tomatoes at home, follow these instructions provided by our Executive Chef Anthony Calabrese. Note: we suggest you use a pressure canner for this process.

  • Step 1: Core and score canning tomatoes (20-22 pounds of raw tomatoes will yield about 7, quart-sized mason jars)
  • Step 2: Blanch and shock the tomatoes
  • Step 3: Remove the skin off of the tomatoes, then the seeds. Crush the tomatoes
  • Step 4: Stew the tomatoes to preferred consistency
  • Step 5: Sterilize quart-sized mason jars,as well as new, unused lids and rings
  • Step 6: Pour the tomatoes into the jars and close

They should be shelf-safe for at least one year and are perfect for sauces, soups and stews – we like to use it in our marinara sauce.

Chef Anthony explains the process during a visit to WXYZ-TV.

Happy canning!