What we have been doing.

During the shutdown we have utilized our time wisely. We totally revamped our server kitchen; new stainless steel on the walls, new ceiling tiles and upgraded our ventilation system. Complete clean, scrub and disinfected the kitchen area. We have created and will maintain our COVID-19 response team and employee training document.

Our plan going forward

A. Our safety measures

The Trattoria has enhanced its already high cleaning standards to help create the cleanest, safest environment for both our guests and staff.

B. Table spacing

We have retooled our floor plans and eliminated 50% of our tables and most of our bar stools. By order of The State, both are now spaced 6 feet apart. 

C. New alternative restaurant entrance

For anyone who may not comfortable walking thru the market, we have designated a separate restaurant entrance for Trattoria guests only. The door on the west side of the building, under the yellow umbrella. This entrance will also facilitate our curb side delivery program. This will eliminate the need to enter and exit thru the market. We have dedicated a few seats inside the building for a guest waiting area. Guests may be asked to wait in their cars until called for their table.

D. New dining room initiatives

  • All Trattoria staff and management to be tested at a medical facility BEFORE returning to work
  • All staff and management to have temperature taken and health questionnaire completed BEFORE punching in for their shifts
  • All Trattoria staff and management will wear mask
  • We will ask guests to wear masks while in the dining room, not at their table
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfectant protocol
  • Enhanced hand sanitizer stations
  • Disposable, paper menus
  • Paper salt & pepper packets
  • Individually wrapped butter and creamers.

E. Our carry out/curb side strategy

The Trattoria will offer an enhanced carry out and “touchless” Curb Side delivery system.  Orders can be placed over the phone at (734) 667-1199. Guests are welcome to come in and pick up their orders or arrange for curb side delivery without having to leave their vehicles or being required to sign anything. A 15% gratuity will be added to all curb side orders, receipts will be stapled to the bags. We will designate parking spaces directly outside this door with numbered parking spaces. Guests are to call upon arrival, give us the space number and we will deliver their order promptly.

F.     Private dining spaces

We will now begin using The Cantina (if available) and a new private space on the mezzanine for parties up to 12 for guests who may want a more private setting.